November 10, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Chilly first thing but a great day for some climbing.  My photos from our Prospecters Trail stroll.  -  DeNNis

Parked where the river goes under the road at the bottom of  what I would call Ice Cream Mountain Hill - crossed the highway there - (took a while for satellites to catch us) -  Up the stairway - along Prospectors Trail - Down the long stairway to Finlayson Rd - Checked out the spawning salmon - back alongside the highway to the cars.  Follow the arrows on the yellow brick road.  The dark trace below the highway is from our last years hike to Niagara Falls - the red box is the top of Niagara Falls.

All members present and accounted for.

Larry, being the TALLEST of the group, gives an indication of how big some of these trees are.

Hold on Brook - don't let that one topple until we are all past it.

Thanks to whom ever cut the steps into this tree.

Archway passage archway for the "Little People".

One of several sections of the lo-n- n-n-g stairway down.

At the bottom of this set we still have more stairs to go down.

Which way do I turn for my next tid-bit??

Lots of seagulls and lots more salmon!

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