March 9, 2020

Men's Walking Group

Eleven of us walked about 6 Km today around the Quarry near Cobble Hill Park.  The weather was a chilly 1 deg C to start but eventually the sun warmed us up a bit.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars near the entrance to Burnham Park.  Did a clockwise loop.  Through the yellow gate, down the Bamberton-Haul Road, finished up on Thain Road and back to the cars.

Off we go - down the Bamberton-Haul Road.


Passed this artwork alongside Bamberton-Haul Road.

Looking over to the Quarry on our right.

A bunch of ducks making patterns on the water near the
southwest end of the Quarry.

The patterns are best seen from a distance.

One of a few wet obstacles.  Notice the ice patterns.

A little uphill climbing involved.

Panoramic view from the west side of the Quarry.

Looking southwest.

"Hello!" to Sally and Brian from Don.

Looking towards the southwest end of the Quarry.

The water is quite a ways down from here.

People have added Inukshuks for interest.

For any passerby with cold ears??

Another of those mysterious painted rocks.

It was found in the old Stone Oven,
a couple layers above the open front.

How do we get around this lake?

We found a bypass.

More Shadows.

Arriving back where we started.

Coffee at the "Red Schoolhouse" in Cobble Hill.

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