March 2, 2020

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us jumped in our cars and headed out to Bright Angel Park for a reverse walk around to check out the aftermath of the wet winter situation.  We covered about 4 Km around the park area   Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

My GPS apparently took its' own sweet time to kick in again.  We parked in the lot and walked up
Riverfield Road and onto Howie  Road, then across the suspension bridge to the other side of the river.  After returning to the cars we headed back for coffee at the Bench Road Tim Hortons. 

Lots of wet areas in the park alongside the trails.  But the trails
themselves were dry.

Looks like a boat that could be had at a reasonable price.

The "Market" on Riverfield Road.

But don't shoot at the livestock.

Why they call this the "Wet Coast."

This was the original group picnic area - still in use, but
there are a couple of newer ones as well.

Down we go to the suspension bridge.

A nice set of concrete stairs.

Across the bridge we go.

Didn't see any of these pussy cats on
our walk.

The water level is still quite high.

Lots of debris washed up.

It even pushed some of the fence over.

The huge tree on the left will no
doubt fall over the river one day.

The cairn erected  several
years ago.

The flooding did quite a number on the landscape.

More debris.

"Wet Coast ART"

Ed decided to get a few extra photos.

What is left of a unique
tree trunk.

The bridge from the
far side of the river.

A couple shots of the bridge
from down stream.

Off to the Bench Road Tim Hortons for coffee.

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