November 18, 2019

Men's Walking Group

It's that time of month for a "Pub Walk."   Seven of us piled into a couple of cars for the trip up to Duke Point for  about a 8 Km walk on the Duke-Jack Point trail.  A little(?) foggy but no rain.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Up to HiWay 19 towards the Duke Point Ferry terminal, then onto Jackson Rd where we parked the cars at the Biggs Park parking lot.  Through the tunnel underneath Hiway 19 and down the trail alongside the water.

Through the tunnel.

And down the trail.  A little FOG in the air.

The old carving has seen better days.

Up the first set of stairs.

Quite foggy.

What I call the "faux petroglyph."

Some flotsam and jetsom along the waters edge.

2nd set of stairs.

This Arbutus looks like it
has had a disease of sorts.

Climbing ivy.

The big stairway.

Wind swept wet coast.

The odd slippery slope.

Lookout platform near Jack Point.

Had to zoom in on this guy in the fog.  We were curious as
to what mission he was on.

Freighters waiting out the sawmill strike??

Brook says he has a
new job.

Cormorants sunning(?)
on Jack Point Light.

It is amazing to see the water effects on the rocks along
the shoreline.

The Duke Point Ferry Dock.
More wind swept wet coast.

Concrete stepping stones to help keep our feet dry.

Back down the BIG stairway.

A very interesting example of Mother Natures Artistry. 

Missed this going the other way.  A "Dream Catcher" hanging
from a tree limb.

A very scenic walk. --  Even in the fog.

What's with the beady eyes?

A LADYBUG of all things.
One of those mystery rocks?

Back by the sawmill.  The fog still hasn't lifted.

Down the last stairway before getting back to the cars and lunch.

The oldest licensed Pub in B.C. - the Wheat Sheaf in Cedar.

Where we joined Denis L. and his brother Norman.

Our table was right beside the wood
burning heater so we got toasty warm
and filled our tummies.

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