November 4, 2019

Men's Walking Group

The weather is a little milder this week.  A good day for 12 of us to do about 8 Km through the Mill Springs area which we haven't done for a while.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars on Deloume Rd just above Tim Hortons.  Did a convoluted counter-clockwise loop from there, taking a trail off Deloume Rd just below the Mill Bay Water Office, to walk through Mill Springs ending up back at Tim Hortons for coffee.

Heading down the trail off Deloume Rd.

Some interesting natural scenery
along this trail.

A large old growth tree that
causes you to look way up.

And you end up on the streets of Mill Springs.

In the outer right crook of this tree, which I have many photos
  of, we found another of those mystery painted rocks that keep
turning up in the strangest places.  See below.


Must watch our steep along this deep gulley.

Another indication that
autumn is in the air.

This little arrangement really stood out.

Some of these old trees
really grow in odd shapes.

Coming out of the trail near the latest phase of Mill Springs.

Always have to add a photo of this creative yard.

Looking up the street at the latest phase of Mill Springs.

Going off to the left from the top of the last photo is a short
start of a street called Dorey Way.  Looks like it may be the
next phase.

Could this be called a "Pipe Organ?"

A few ups and downs along the way.

On the way back down Deloume Rd we pass the Mill Bay
Water Dept. Buildings.

Finally it is coffee time.

Had to go back past the Legion to drop off a passenger.
What should we find there but another of those mystery
rocks in a planter tub.

How appropriate is this????. 

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