October 21, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Eleven of us took a chance on the weather - didn't think it would rain too hard - and walked about 5 Km down Briarwood Drive and beyond into the "Beaver" works and back around Briarwood Crescent.  Then off to Shawnigan Coffee House for a warm cup which we drank across the street at the Shawnigan Basin Society office.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars on Briarwood Drive just off Shawnigan-Mill Bay Road and walked to the end of the trace shown, then back around Briarwood Crescent to the cars.

Off we go down Briarwood Drive.

Down throuogh Briarwood Park by Hollings Creek.

Lots of  "Bigfoot Maple" leaves on the ground.

Very little water in Hollings Creek.

Not sure if this sign is referring to Chicken, Alaska (the town)
or the eggs for sale in the cooler.

Had to zoom in on the horse .

A well manicured tree in the
ditch between the hedge and
the road.

Quite a few houses at the end of Briarwood Drive.

Halloween is in the air of coourse.

Down the path along the fence at the end of Briarwood Drive.

Where we get into "Beaver Territory" as evidenced by the
copious amounts of water..

Over a foot bridge.

A few large drops of rain coming down.

What is Bill checking out.

The cuts for the "springboards" in this
old tree stump, used for sawing platforms.

The work of the beavers is obvious here.

A mystery - Where is the stump??
Further investigation shows this was  the top of the tree which
was chewed off and used by the beavers.

Another of those mysterious painted rocks -

- Left in the rocky ledge by the trail.

A large bird(?) made of concrete.

A well deserved coffee after our strenuous walk.


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