October 14, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us did a slightly shorter stroll today - about 5 Km - along the Bob-O-Link trail.  The weather turned out great.  --  DeNNis.

GPS failed me -- this is a map from a previous walk.  Started at the Legion (upper right) - across the road through Cairn Park - down Treit Rd to the Bob-O-Link trail.  When we left the CVRD Wharf we tried part of the new "half Km trail and followed the usual route back to the Legion.  Finished off with coffee at Tim Hortons.

We start the trail off Wilmot Ave.

The view from the highest part of Treit Road.

The Bob-O-Link trail actually starts at the end of Treit Road.

This bush becomes a natural arch over the trail

Water on the trail but not from rain.

And not from this water tower - not sure where it is from.

Bob-O-Link winds along between various streets.

Lots of leaves on the ground.

The "tree house" - before and

The trail has lots of ups and downs --

-- and is not really a walk in the park.

The Cowichan Cricket and Sports Club.

Shadows at the CVRD Wharf.

On the CVRD Wharf.

Closer view.

Panoramic view from the wharf.


More of these mysterious rock paintings.

Part of the new half kilometer trail.

Shawnigan Coffee House was closed for Thanksgiving
so we had to go to Tim Hortons for coffee.

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