October 7, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Seven of us braved the rainy weather for about a 5 Km walk down through Brentwood College and back.  Actually we started by trying Tim Hortons, which was full.  So we whipped over to McDonalds, had a coffee to wait out the rain, then did our walk and finished with a second coffee break at Tim Hortons.  Good planning as it turned out nicely.

GPS didn't cut in right away.  Started at McDonalds (bottom left).  Across the highway, down Deloume and Solarium Rd in a counter-clockwise loop, all the way down to where the salmon are caught and sent up Shawnigan creek, then back to Tim Hortons for coffee.

Had to wait for the rain to stop - so coffee at McDonalds.

Entering Brentwood College.

The grounds are very well kept.

These signs are on all
streets in Brentwood.

Lots of greenery.

Flags representing nations of students attending.

Student taking a break at an outside piano.  A pleasant surprise
for us walkers.

The view from beside the above building.

Mill Bay Marina from the deck of that same building.

A large Arbutus tree at the end of a

And what do we find but a painting of an owl on a rock.

More artwork.

Looking a way up there is an eagle surveying his kingdom.

What does this piece of artwork convey??

This photo does not really show the difference in lighting
when looking over in  this direction.

A beautiful walkway above the water.

A group of students out for some exercises.

Autumn colours are in vogue.

Down by the water where salmon are caught and transported
up Shawnigan creek for spawning.

The trolley where the salmon are pulled up
to be transported to Shawnigan Creek

A part of the stairway down to the water.

Down where the salmon are caught.

This guy has just netted a salmon
which will be sent up to Shawnigan
Creek along with about 100 others
that are in the enclosure.
The water fall at the bottom  -  the salmon cannot get up on their own.

Climbing back up the approximately 100 stair steps.

The Mill Bay Masonic Lodge.
Back to Tim Hortons for our 2nd coffee of the morning.

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