June 12, 2019


Below are pictures taken June 6, 2019.
I walked to Shawnigan Village by way of trails behind Shawnigan Lake School. I dusted off my Nikon 300S because that is the camera I have a polarizing lens for. I wanted to take images of the Eurasian Milfoil that has taken over many shore properties. The polarizing lens cuts the glare and reflections from the water surface to give a great underwater image.
On the way there I came across interesting things to photograpgh.

I came across these mushrooms in their prime. I guess I could have cleared up the scene a bit but what I saw is what you see.

There are bears in the woods behind the school!
This looks like a fixer upper.

Part of the new trail going to the Government Wharf.

Our resident turkeys have a thriving new family

This is the Eurasian Milfoil and it is going Gangbusters. With a polarizing lens the glare of the bright sunlight is cut completely.

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