June 3, 2019

Men's Walking Group

A warm summer day - perfect weather for a walk through Kingburne Park.   We haven't walked there for about 4 years.    Nine of us did about 6 to 7 Km (Down and Up - and a little bushwhacking) before heading back to Shawnigan Coffee House for a well deserved beverage.  Map and photos below  --  DeNNis.

Drove out to the end of Kingburne Rd which is the Kingburne Pk Trailhead.  Backtracked about a block down to Gary Place where we got onto the the steep trail and stairway down towards the Koksilah River.  After a little confusion and bushwhacking we found the proper trail and did a large counter-clockwise loop back to where we started.

The park sign shows a very basic map.

A very steep trail with some stairways will take you right down to
the Koksilah river.

We found a faint trail which we assumed had not been well
used or cared for.

Some interesting old stumps and

A little wet and rough going in places.

Mother nature has used many of
the old stumps for regrowth.

We decided to backtrack a bit and got onto the proper trail.

We were sure we had the proper trail when we found the old
mine shaft we had explored in previous years. 

A couple shots of the inside.  It only goes in about 20 feet or so.

We count heads and carry on.

Have to watch our step as the trail is very narrow in places.

Back onto an access road which should take us back to
where we started.

A bit of colour in places.

No, we are not lost.  There's the cars.

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