May 27, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Eleven of us took advantage of the beautiful weather to walk through Sentinal Ridge since we hadn't been up there for a long time.  We covered about 9 Km.  Lots of nice houses for sale in the newer area if you have lots of cash.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars on Deloume Rd above Tim Hortons (top left) and did a large counter-clockwise loop from there, down through the Mill Bay Center, up through Sentinal Ridge and back along Mill Bay Road.  Finished off with coffee at Tim Hortons.

Down through Mill Bay Center.

Butter cups blooming at the bottom of Partridge Rd hill.

Phlox(?) making a good showing along Partridge Rd.

We take the path from Partridge Rd over to Seaview Rd.

Seen in passing --  cute.

Beautiful view over the rooftops along Seaview Rd.

The old Telus booth at the
motel off Bay Rd.

Looking  up at the Frayne Rd intersection from the top of
Partridge Rd.

Had to go through the ditch to get onto and across Partridge Rd
because of water testing at the intersection of Partridge and Frayne.

Down the hill on Noowick Rd towards Mill Bay Rd.

A new moon in a clear blue sky.

At least the broom adds some colour to the roadside.

Into Sentinal Ridge for some views of the ocean.

 California poppies certainly brighten up the yards.

 Beautiful views of the water.

Lots of large homes and mortgages to match(?)

A unique sculpture - looks like the body is made up of the
small size horse shoes.

Deiter found his favorite type library along Mill Bay Rd.

And we found a beautiful patch of Poppies.

A unique house number post.

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