May 13, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Thirteen of us had an interesting 6 Km walk today from West Shawnigan Park to the Cowichan Valley trail and back across the McGee Creek Trestle.  Lots to see as shown by the Map and photos below.

Parked the cars at West Shawnigan Lake Park (left) and proceeded down W. Shawnigan Lake road to Hepworth Ave where we discovered the Ravens Roost Art Studio.  At Ida Ave. we crossed over to the Cowichan Valley Trail and headed back to W. Shawnigan Park crossing McGee Creek Trestle along the way.  Stopped for coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House before heading home.

Hepworth Ave. where we found the Ravens Roost Studio.  Lots
of antiques located here.  The lady of the house noticed our curiosity
and invited us to look around.

Lots to see as shown in photos below.

Another natures garden.

Around the corner onto Stevenson Rd there is more to see.

From behind the fence at this location the
 Llamas or Alpacas wonder what we are looking at.

Here we look from the
street at the sights.

Further along we find a large ant hill.

The McGee Creek Trestle on the Cowichan Valley Trail.

Do you believe this is a real Palm tree???

Back to the park where the cars are parked.

Refreshment time.

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