January 14, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Fourteen of us walked about 7 Km today behind the Legion along a couple of bush trails and the Bamberton-Haul Road.  Temperature when we started was very close to zero degrees.  Bought coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House and drank it across the street where it was warmer.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

We walked from the Legion (bottom right) in a clockwise path down to the Bambeton-Haul Rd, to the far end (bottom left), back to the other end (top right) and back up to the Legion.

Off we go down behind the Legion.

Fortunately some kind souls put these little boardwalks over
some of the areas that tend to get wet.

Some art work (painted rocks)
put into the woodpecker holes.

The marker for a trail we used to
take down into the gulley.
I called it "Fern Hollow".

This display has been here for 2 or 3 years or more.
Someone has been taking good care of it.

What is left of some of the old Mountain Bike trail structure.

Looks like a large tree fell over the trail here.  Probably during
the recent wind storm.


From where we came.

The Bamberton-Haul Rd stops here at Shawnigan Creek.
It resumes on the other side.  It is fenced for safety reasons.

Missed a couple of good shots of the Llama and Alpacas here
due to a dead camera battery.

Time to turn and head back the other way.

Shadows ahead ---

-- and behind us.

Looking up under one of the power line towers.

The horse usually comes for a handful of grass but he 
decided to skip it today.

Natures paint brush coloured the grass.

Some ones unique idea to keep our feet dry.

Some one decorated this tree a few
years back but failed to undecorate
after Christmas.

Another tree addition (up close

Back where we started.  Another new walker on the right  --
Dan has joined our walking group.

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