January 7, 2019

Men's Walking Group

A cool, frosty morning.  Had to watch our step as some streets were quite slippery.  Fourteen of us walked about 7 Km today before a warm up stop at Tim Hortons.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars on Deloume Rd above Tim Hortons (top).  Walked down through Mill Bay Center, up Partridge Rd, over to and up Frayne Rd where we did a counter-clockwise loop to check out the latest phase of Mill Springs, then back down to Deloume and Tim's for coffee.

On Partridge Rd heading to the path over to Sea View.  In front
is Bill, a new walker who joined the group today.

Down the path to Sea View Rd.

The water wheel which marks the border between Deer Park and
Mill Springs.  There is a carving depicting the water wheel in the
YSAG room at the Malahat Legion.

Always have to get some photos of this yard on the way past.

Rest stop to check out progress of latest phase of Mill Springs.

Mother Nature has been at it again.

Interesting cloud formation.

This unique tree makes an interesting photo.

A steep switchback in the trail.

Even on a cool day it is a beautiful walk.

One of those trees growing over the

Brentwood playing field on Deloume  RdThe sun has only
melted the frost on one side of the field.

Must be coffee time after an enjoyable walk!

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