July 30, 2018

Men's Walking Group

A very warm day, but if we walk fast we can create a draft - maybe!  Anyway, eight of us had a nice stroll from behind Tim Hortons, across the old Stone Bridge, down across the highway to Church Way and back.  A good 7 Km.  --  DeNNis.
Parked on Deloume Rd behind Tim Hortons.  Follow the dotted trace in a clockwise loop from
the cars.

The old Stone Bridge (looking into the sun).

The blackberries were still a little tart.

Back onto Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd at Barry Rd.

Busy Bee.

Wild flowers up by Kelsey School grounds.

Kelsey School.

Palm trees at Sunset Maples (Brulette Place)
Followed the fence around the complex.

Time for a rest stop at the top of Hayden Rd.

Looking up Hayden Rd from Horton Rd.

Found some shade on Church Way.

And the last of the California Poppies.

Checking out the new Veggie market on Church Way. 

The old church above the Shawnigan-Mill Bay and
Highway 1 intersection.  Now the home of the Mill Bay, Cobble Hill and Bamberton
Historical Society.

Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd intersection.

The old Masonic Hall near Mill Bay Center.

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