July 2, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Off to Ladysmith today for a jaunt along the waterfront and through Transfer Beach.  Seven of us enjoyed the weather, walk and lunch afterwards.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked by the Fox & Hounds Pub (lower middle) and did a clockwise loop starting down First Ave and finishing with lunch at the Pub.

An old '30s Caterpillar tractor used to pull logs.

This is a more modern "Something"
which we know nothing about..

"Diamond Rail Switch" used to switch the log trains across
the E&N Railway Line.

Another relic of the '20s and 30's.  An old Fordson Tractor
used in the logging industry.

Had to look a long way up to see this Canadian flag.

Another old vehicle - use undetermined.

There are always ups and downs on these walks.

Along the now unused E&N tracks between the highway and
the water.

Where we found an old tow boat from bygone days.

Onto the Ladysmith Marina.

Buccaneer Brook says "Go thataway".

Looking over towards the sawmill area.

Inukshuks on the  beach.

This trail is part of the 
Trans Canada Trail.

I am told the two trees to the right are Linden trees.

Panoramic shot from Transfer Beach.

The Transfer Beach Amphitheater.

A portion of the beach area.

There is light - at both ends of the tunnel.

What better place to stop and regenerate?

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