August 6, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Another hot day -  good one for a  new (?) 5Km walk.  Around the Quarry in the reverse direction.  Ten of us headed out and 10 finished.  Finished with refreshments at Shawnigan Coffee House.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars near the entrance to Burnham Park (bottom right).  Follow the trace in a counter-clockwise loop.  For some reason the GPS showed a double trace along the Bamberton-Haul Rd.

Not a cloud in sight - just the remnant of a chem-trail.

The old stone oven on the northeast end of the Quarry. I was
told the farmers used it to cook lime for their fields. 

Checking out the old stone oven.  Good excuse for a break in the shade.

A couple views of the Quarry.

A big old Arbutus tree above the Quarry.

A good lookout point.

The northeast end of the Quarry.

Down the slippery slope.  Large rocks block ATV's
from using the trails.

Somebodys puppy cooling off.

Back down the Bamberton-Haul Road to the cars.

The final obstacle - through or over the gate.

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