May 28, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Excellent day for a walk up Wilkinson Road from the Tennis courts behind Kerry Park Rec Center.  Eleven of us enjoyed the stroll finishing up with coffee at McDonalds for a change of pace.  Map and photos below.  -- DeNNis.

Parked cars at Tennis Courts (near right-bottom).  Did a clockwise loop, stopping at McDonalds for coffee and then carrying on over the Stone Bridge and behind Kerry Park Arena back to the Tennis Courts.

Decorating for something?

Trees in full blossom - beautiful.

Dogwood tree in full bloom.

Looks like a pretty heavy load for the bridge.

"Nootka" roses in full bloom.

Always have to get a shot of this guy off  Wilkinson Rd.

Huge pulley block.

The goats were trying to avoid us.

And the turkey ignored us.

Cobble Hill Scholl being renovated to reopen.

Dandelions still going.

How long will this old Arbutus last?

Still needs paint.

Buttercups going strong, too.

Daisies doing well also.

And the luppins.

Coffee outside at McDonalds.

Water just below the Stone Bridge.

Stone Bridge still looking good.

On the path back to the cars.

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