June 4, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Great day for a 9Km stroll around the Duncan city perimeter on the berm created to protect the area from extreme high water situations.  We had a pleasant walk and finished off with a delicious lunch at Craig Street Brew Pub.  --  DeNNis.
We parked the cars in the Duncan Mall parking lot near the entrance to JYSK and Pet Smart (bottom near left of map). Follow the yellow trace in a counter-clockwise direction starting down Trunk Rd.

This ornamental tree was pruned to enable people to walk 
under it without it hitting their heads.

Another unique pruning job.

We get onto the trail near the Cowichan River.

Taken from a viewing platform showing some of the standing water.

A water filtration pond - lots of ducks in here.

The trail goes down beside the Public Works Yard.

A few of the Canada Geese in the field alongside the berm.

Still lots of daisies and dandelions along the trail.

This section of concrete barrier is made to add a water
blocking fence in the opening.  See photo on right.

Quite a few California Poppies in one area of the trail.

Golf driving range alongside the trail.

Daisies as far as you can see.

What type of grass is this??

Killing time before lunch in the Duncan alley ways.

The city of Totems.

Also some neat murals.

The lunch turned out much better than the photograph.

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