March 26, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Not too cold.  No rain.  A pleasant day for a stroll down behind the Legion and along the Old Bamberton-Haul Road and back.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.


Follow the yellow dotted line left from the Legion (bottom right), then counter-clockwise back
to the Legion.

Looks like a long walk from bere.
The beginning of Skunk Cabbage season.

Somebodys living space.

The alpacas are always curious when we come along.

The remnants of an old bridge at the end of this portion of the
Bamberton-Haul Road.

Someones attempt at an Inukshuk.

It's a bird - it's a turkey vulture - it's just a rock imitation.

The horse at the other end of this section of Bamberton-Haul Rd.

The trail from where the horse is, back up to the Legion is
narrow and interesting.

An old bridge that has seen better days.

Looks like beaver have been at work here.

A couple of "woodpecker trees".

Classic car buffs bonanza.


Not a great people picture but it shows the grain of the huge table nicely where we drink our coffee. 

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