March 22, 2017

Women's Walking Group

Monday, March 20, 2017.    ---    Women's Walking Group.

Comments and photos courtesy Doreen Parker.

We took an unusual long walk that took us through many new trails and ended up at (what used to be) Serious Coffee for a cup of tea and then we headed out and walked more new trails and then ended up in Mill Bay for a quick coffee.  By then it was three in the afternoon.  Then we walked on back to Briarwood.  We don't always walk this long but it was such a beautiful day for wandering.
     We leave the Legion at 9:30 every Monday morning and do some local walks and Park walks which is usually around a couple of hours.  We never hurry so we cater to those that can't hike as this is the Ladies Walking Group not a hiking group, so please come out and join us.  You will be glad you did.
New cedar entrance to Gibson Park, nice aroma from cedar.

A bit of wild life.

Talk about aroma, Skunk cabbage are out.

A beautiful view across the water.

A beautiful sign of Spring.

Pussy Willow tree   ---   Spring is here!

This is a Sequoia tree that was planted by the lady in the white house.
This tree usually grows in the Redwood Forest, but really must like BC
weather.  Must be a fast growing tree.

A tree once lived in this box and the "elephant trunk" looking
thing is its root and there is a healthy growth of a new tree growing
from the old one.

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