March 27, 2017

Men's Walking Group


That was a tough 8Km hill climb for the 9 of us today.  Next week walk will be on flat land. ----  Brook

Escaped the forecasted showers for our walk to Cable Bay today.  An enjoyable and interesting jaunt as can be seen in the photos.    --  Followed by a great lunch at the Crow & Gate Pub.  ----  DeNNis.

Very simple map.   Follow the trail from left to right and return the same route.

Some new boardwalks added.

A very unique rock with some additions.

The "peek-a-boo" tree.

Some unique rock formations.

One or two prehistoric creatures
A couple of wise old owls keeping watch.

A not so portable "port-a-pottie".

Some natural artwork.

Dodds Narrows Light.

What is going on here?

Attaching warning balls on the lines over Dodds Narrows.

Looks like an easy, fun job.

Back to the Chopper.

Patrol boat keeps traffic out of the Narrows until job is finished.

Another adventure finished.

Time to head back up the trail.

You can see Duke Point Ferry Terminal from this bridge.

Dogs just enjoy a refreshing swim.

At the "Crow and Gate".  Time for a Pint and some Pub food.


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