January 9, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Four of us walked about 10 Km today in the snow down behind the Legion.  Finished off with coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House.  Below are the highlights.

--  DeNNis.

Took the trail behind the Legion, stopped to visit the horses, then up the Bamberton-Haul Rd, a loop up a trail we hadn't tried before and back the same way  --  tough going through the deep snow.

Walking in a winter wonderland.

This guy couldn't be bothered with us humans.

No apples or grass available but he came to say hello.

Neat little snow caps on all the fence posts.


Lots of deer tracks.
Lots of "Bigfoot"  --  or Big Feet!
Otherwise undisturbed.

Mother Nature decorating branches.
Big tire barrier - but we pushed on through.

The sun tried to get through the mist.

Birthday Cake.

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