January 16, 2017

Men's Walking Group

It was the warmest day this year for the 10 of us to walk & slide the 8 Km around Mill Bay and Wilkinson Road followed by hot beverages at Tim Hortons.  Next weeks walk location to be determined weather dependent.  --  Brook


Weather is a little warmer which makes the walk a little more pleasant.  Still a bit slippery in some areas but much better over all.  Good company, good walk.  --  DeNNis.  

Follow the arrows clockwise beginning and ending at Tim Hortons'.  (Bottom left.)

Must be something tasty in the back of McDonalds.

Behind McDonalds.

Lots of slipperys where the sun didn't reach.

The Stone Bridge.  Lots of water flowing.

Our guide.

Interesting how the ice forms on some of the twigs.

Had to stop and check out Shawnigan Creek.

Lots of water - still some patches of snow.

Obviously going the right way here.

A little slippery for Tennis yet.

The metal bridge just before Wilkinson Road.

More weird ice formations on this log.

Spotted along Wilkinson Rd (15x zoom).

Natures work in the ditches alongside the highway.

Back where we started --  COFFEE TIME!


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