January 23, 2017

Men's Walking Group

We had an enjoyable walk around the Quarry (aka Kingzett Lake) today.  (Thanks, Brook, for the map.)  It was still around the freezing mark but thankfully no precipitation.  Above is the map of our walk and below are some photos.  We parked near the entrance to Burnham Park and did a clockwise loop around the lower level of the Quarry. --- DeNNis

Some slippery spots for the 11 of us to trek the 5 Km around the Quarry.  Coffee followed to warm up at the Old School Coffee in Cobble Hill.  Next week will be a road trip to walk around the Gorge Waterway. --- Brook

The usual bunch of geese and ducks following us around the
edges of the Quarry looking for handouts.

The "one-winged goose" that has been a resident for some
years is in the middle with his back to us.

Good thing the slippery stuff has melted along the edges here.

It's amazing how some Arbutus branches grow with
unique twists and turns.

The same branch from a different angle.

Watch your step --  slippery slope!!


This gal ("Lily" according to her ID tag) adopted us at the
start of our walk.

Can you interpret the artwork?

Neither could we.

Panorama shot from one end of the Quarry.

Lily really likes long sticks.

"Waste not, want not".  If it got broken she picked it all up
and carried on with the pieces.

Still slippery in places but most could be avoided.

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