December 19, 2016

Men's Walking Group

It was a testy walk for the 10 of us to skate the 6 Km around Mill Springs followed by hot beverages at Tim Hortons.  This year we covered 362Km in 50 of our Monday walks. We start the New Year walk on January 2, 2017.  -- Brook


A brisk, slippery walk through some trails and streets in the Mill Springs area today.  A couple of slips and falls at the end as we headed for coffee but no damage done.  So, a pleasant and healthy outing for us old (???) guys.  -- DeNNis.

Parked the cars near Tim Hortons (bottom right).  Up Deloume Rd - then do a counter-clockwise figure eight (sort of) - and back to Tims' for coffee.  Some of the purple traces are from previous walks.

This Arbutus tree grew until it bumped into another tree and
then branched off to the left. 

Looking out towards the water.

The occasional uphill climb.  The stairway helped.

A skim of ice on some of the streets.

The ducks don't mind the cold as long as there is no ice.

New growth out of
an old stump.

A nice little skating pond  --  but the ice looks a little thin.

It's amazing how a little snow can brighten up the

Seen in passing.

Going incognito - the
perfect spy.

A miniature of the actual house.

Yes - they are actually reroofing this house in this weather.

Another unique tree.  Good place to sit and rest.

Walking in a winter wonderland(?)

Natures art - frozen water droplets on the limbs.

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