December 12, 2016

Men's Walking Group

We did a two part walk today which turned out very well.  The weather cooperated so we didn't get soaked or buried in snow.  Finished up with a pint and a full stomach.  Below are the highlights.   ---   DeNNis.

First part -- Explored Mill Bay Park and then down to Whiskey Point and back.

Second part - Parked at Cobblestone Pub and walked up to Alpine Stable to check out horses and alpacas.

Swans at Mill Bay Park .

Checking out the view from Mill Bay Park.

Ferns growing from the moss.

Some human art - notice the stone
perched on top.

Not much snow in the park.

A very steep set of stairs at Whiskey Point Beach.

Charley Brown was here.
Swans at Whiskey Point.

Looking at Brentwood College from Whiskey Point.

The Cormorant and the Gull - which is top bird?

The Arbutus seems to have a
habit of wrapping around and
taking over.

Spotted in driveway
on Whiskey Point Rd.

The Alpacas by Alpine Stables always have to see what is
going on.

Larry, Rick and "Mr. Ed" (if you remember him) sharing a joke.

The snow on the trees certainly brightens up the landscape.

The best part of the walk.

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