December 5, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Another brisk day for the 6 of us to trek 5Km through the bush trails behind the Legion followed by coffee at Shawnigan House.  Next week will be an easy walk around the lower level of the quarry followed by our Christmas luncheon at the Cobblestone Pub. --- Brook



The hardier members of the group braved the wintery weather this morning to do a little shorter walk down behind the Legion.  Below are a few photos and a map complements of Brook.   ---   DeNNis.

We did a clockwise loop from the Legion, down the trail to the Bamberton-Haul road, then a narrow trail through the bush back up to the Legion.. 

As you can see it was a pretty tough slog through the deep snow.

We had to keep our heads down so as not to disturb Mother
Natures fancy art work.

Slippery walk across the little bridge - unless you were
wearing heavy duty Alberta gum boots.

Somebodys creation that we had seen previously on this trail.
Very unique.

A closer look at some of the stones.

We were not about to try any of the old mountain bike platforms.

A big ugly fungi on the root of a fallen tree.

Looking south - we saw the light.

Looking north - not quite so bright.

Bambi was obviously in the neighborhood.

Another nature show.

Guarding his territory - with
wagging tail.

Another of those slippery bridges.

A warning to trespassers  -- the skull --

-- and the jawbone.

Somebody left a trinket behind.

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