June 20, 2016

Women's Walking Group

Nine ladies  did  a 5K walk at Burnt Bridge, the weather was perfect and we all had an enjoyable walk.   Thanks to Donna and Lynn for driving us there.
After the walk we had a snack at Shawnigan Tea House.
Next walk will be the Estuary.

Sign at Burnt Bridge.

Looking over the Koksilah River from the left side of
Burnt Bridge.

The other side of the bridge.

A gruesome monster keeping an eye on trespassers.

A little lupin.

A live hornets nest.


Berries --

-- and wildflowers.

More wildflowers.

These are Salmon berries - very tasty.

A well deserved rest stop.

Found a couple of chairs and Lenora made herself
comfortable by a weird old tree.

Almost ready to start out again, waiting for Lenora to dry
out her feet.

Just about ready.

Heading back to the bridge after a long enjoyable walk.

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