June 13, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Interesting 7Km walk for the 9 of us around Mill Springs.  Although Don T. walked over 9Km as he walked from & back to his home in Mill Springs to meet us at the Serious Coffee parking lot.  Next week plan is to trek up Haul Road to Rat Lake. -- Brook


Another good day for a hike.  We explored around Mill Springs today.

The map and photos will show most of what we found.  --  DeNNis.

We parked behind "Serious Coffee" off of Frayne Rd.  Headed  up Benko Rd to a trail above Mill Springs and walked in a convoluted figure-8 around the Mill Springs area.  Hope you can follow
the arrows.

A pleasant canopied pathway takes us down to Gateway Rd
and into Mill Springs.

Some new paths and stairways have
been added.

A new "wheelchair-accessible" - "non-gender" bathroom has
been installed near the Gazebo in Deloume Community Park.

Some images of one very unique artsy front yard.

Foxglove, buttercup and mares tail -
mother natures way of planting.

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