June 20, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Interesting new trail along the Rat Lake power line for the 8 of us to trek the 6Km.  Next week plan is Baldy Mountain. -- Brook


Great day for a walk to Rat Lake --  but a slight change of plan on the way as shown in the map below.  Weather was perfect and coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House was a great finish.  --  DeNNis.

Parked at the end of Gibbs Place (off of Deloume Rd in the Fern Ridge area).  Up the trail past the water tower to the Bamberton Haul Rd.  Carried on a ways past the Rat Lake trail and followed a logging road up to the Hydro Powerline.

Just in case we couldn't find the power line!

The trail stretches out before us.


Daisies to beautify our journey.

Time for a little rest.


We are not alone - Mom and baby Elk are just ahead of us.

Foxgloves are abundant.

The limb on this tree is

I took the high road while the rest took the low road.

This Foxglove is just about finished.


More wildlife.  These deer were far ahead of us hence the
poor picture quality.

Future power poles.

Salmon berries  --  very sweet and tasty.


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