February 18, 2016

Women's Walking Group

On a very wet and rainy monday, no one else arrived at the Legion so my camera and I went looking for someone enjoying the rain. A quick stop on Briarwood, next stop passing St. Johns
church to the duck pond, then on to Tim Hortons where I parked and walked the Brentwood School grounds and area. An hour later, a bit wet, back to the car and lunch. I was surprised to see how many people were out jogging and walking dogs. Next monday the 22nd. the walk is from St. Johns Church. Meet at the Legion at 10 am.  VM
My explanation for the pictures at the duck pond. Perhaps Ed will let me know if I am not correct.
I believe the raindrops being a few inches from the lens appear larger than the ducks in the distance. There was also reflections in the drops. I was puzzled when I could not find the ducks, but there are quite a few ducks under those raindrops. Can anyone find them ?

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