February 1, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Great walk today around the Gorge waterway area in Victoria, across the Selkirk Trestle, through Chinatown and back over the Blue Bridge.  Hope the map is clear enough and the pics entertaining.  Good weather again.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars at Banfield Park off Craigflower Rd (top left), across the Selkirk Trestle, stopped
in Chinatown for lunch, then across the Blue Bridge and back along the Galloping Goose Trail to the park.
Assembled in Banfield Park, ready for the trek.

Looking across from the park to the trestle.


The Selkirk Trestle.

The "Railyard" housing complex.

A neat piece of artwork.

Different artwork - crushed cars being loaded onto a barge.

It is February - almost time for the Annual
Victoria Flower Count.

Mural-fence running down Government St  and around onto Pembroke(?).

|Can you find all the birds on the pile of pallets?

Great lunch at the Fan Tan Café in Chinatown.

Point Ellice (Bay St) Bridge.

Selkirk Trestle from Pt Ellice Bridge.

The walls in this little gazebo contain the names of
corporations and individuals who have sponsored the
building of the Trans-Canada Trail in the area.

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