February 22, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Below is my map and photos of todays Galloping Goose (Cowichan Valley Trail) walk.  Fortunately we drew out the sun on the way.  An enjoyable stroll and I did get a few shots.  --  DeNNis.

But first:
from T.W. Patersons book "Historic Hikes, Sites & Sights of the Cowichan Valley", a photo of the
"box-like but famous 'Galloping Goose' motorized passenger car" for which the Galloping Goose trail is named.  And according to the write up it did indeed travel to the end of the line at Youbou.

We parked the cars where the Trail crosses Renfrew Rd (left) and proceeded down the trail to the
McGee Creek Trestle (right)  with a stop at an interesting logging operation.  (North would be
in approximately the top left corner of the map.)

No "No Trespassing" signs but certainly a barrier to motorized

The numbers on the ends we assume to be the lengths of these
logs - they look to be meant for use as Hydro poles - very long
and straight. (Derek counting age rings.)

The waste was used as a filler for the road bed.

Just a few of the many piles of poles in the area.

The trail going down across the road to Shawnigan Lake Park.

McGee Creek Trestle
The side railings have been renewed and raised - looks good.

Looking down over the road and Shawnigan Lake from the
Galloping Goose trail.

And see what greeted us as we returned to the cars  --

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