November 30, 2015

Men"s Walking Group

A few photos from todays walk around Westwood Lake in Nanaimo.  Everything turned out great as is usual on our  "walking Mondays".

The map, I think, is self explanatory.
Just getting started - looks like a great trail
Looking towards the west end of the lake from a small dock.
A little ice in a narrow part of the lake near the west end.
Looking downstream from one of a few bridges.
One of 17 or 18 small bridges and wooden walkways in
various places around the lake - all numbered.
Looks like this is a  partially man made lake - many dead trees
and stumps off shore.
A little Holly tree waiting
to be decorated for Christmas.
Very frosty in places.
A jolly looking group of guys.
The view looking west from the rocky bluff.
A lone little tree on the cold, frosty bluff.

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