November 2, 2015

Men's Walking Group

A few pics from todays walk to the Quarry via Silvermine Trail.  Weather was great, including some sunshine (of course) and good company.  --  DeNNis

Parked near entrance to Burnham Park, then Thain to Silvermine Rd, to Coleman Rd and along Silvermine trail - then down Miner Rd and more bush trails and a few bridges, heading to the Quarry --  returning to the cars via the Bamberton Haul Rd. (Google Earth map mistakenly shows it as Northgate) 

One of several bridges.

Heading up the down staircase.

One more river(?) to cross.

Hallowe'en remnants.

And another!

"I wanna be your Teddy Bear!

Which way now??

Looking down on the Quarry from the gravel pit above.

Some nice fall colours.

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