May 25, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Great bicycle ride from Matticks Farm to Sydney today.  Sorry, no maps.  No "dash-cam" either, so just a few photos.  Enjoyed the weather and the company.   --   DeNNis.

First stop - to see what is new at the pig farm,  Lots of chickens and one big
"porker" having a snooze in the background. (Could be more in the shed.)

The chickens are heading out to join us - so time to move along.
Sydney-Anacortes Ferry just arriving.
Such a fine old gentleman - someone left him flowers.

Pigeons sunning on the beach - could easily step on them
as they didn't even blink.

Bikers enjoying their lunch on the beach.

Morning Glory growing profusely on the seawall.

Looking down the pier from our lunch spot.

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