May 11, 2015

Men's Walking Group

My map and photos of todays Cobble Hill Mtn climb.  Weather and company were good.  GPS maps show we climbed about 200 meters.  Also, Denis, my GPS clocked us at just under 8 km.  - DeNNis.

Parked by the Off-leash Dogpark.  Just follow the red arrows. 

Looking pretty spry  -  just getting started.

Lots of these little flowers.

Overlooking Cobble Hill area.

Manzanita bush??

Pretty flowers??  

Can you spot the ferry??  Looking east towards
Saltspring Island.

A well deserved rest at the top of Cobble Hill Mountain.

Lady Slippers - maybe??

More purple and yellow blossoms.

Panorama view to the north.

Arbutus with a different twist.

Ancient petroglyph by a prehistoric artist -
I think he was called Harry.

One of the last Triliums of the season
with Fiddlehead Fern.

And this must be a Gnomes home.

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