February 20, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Ten walkers did about 5 Km around Briarwood. Great weather. Much new growth noticed, of plants, flowers, and fungus. Ducks seen at Briarwood Park which was unusual. We said hello to the horses next to the park. Saw a huge Laurel hedge more than 100 Ft long and 10 Ft high, which will have many grape-like clusters of berries this spring. A place to see many birds flock to the hedge when the berries are ripe. Sharen is back from down south and will be joining us for Monday walks. Welcome back Sharen. Thank you to the drivers. Next Monday the 23rd. we will be at Shawnigan School. Meet at the Legion at 10 am.  VM

Good to see the creeks flowing again

Rare to see ducks at the park

Mushroom Monday at Briarwood Begins

This mushroom village was attacked by someone

The Laurel hedge

Dianne checks out the door to nowhere

A park neighbour

This boot aint made for walking cause it's full of water !

Remembering days gone by Margaret ?


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