February 16, 2015

Good weather, good company - another great walk.  0 deg. when we met at the legion - about 13 deg. on the way home.  My map and photos of our Holland Creek stroll today.  --  DeNNis.

Left off Island Highway at Coronation Square just before Ladysmith.  Right on Dogwood Drive just behind Coronation Square.  Parking lot at the bottom of "Dogwood Dip" just before the bridge.  Walked up the south side of Holland Creek, across the Bridge (shown on the left) and returned down the North side.  Today it is the "Blue Brick Road", 

Bright green moss everywhere.

Lots of UPS and Downs on the South side trail.

And lots of unique trees.

Some pretty Funky Fungi, too!

Gathered for a head count -- the gang's all here!

One of the UPs - but nice stairs.  Well looked after trail.

Holland Creek waterfall.

One of two Colliery (coal mining) dams on Holland Creek.

Bridge crossing to North side of Holland Creek for the return part of the loop.

Rock steps as well as many wooden stairways - great trail!

The other Colliery dam.

Memorial for a young girl who fell down the cliff
 above the Holland Creek waterfall while
trying to retrieve her cell-phone,


It is a long way straight down in places.

Mother Nature weaves a tangled web.

Other unique creations.

Somebody has a very artistic mind!!!

Barley sandwiches, etc. at the Saltair Pub.  Great way to finish the walk.

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