February 13, 2015

Woman's Walking Group

Seven walked from Arbutus Ridge down through Manley Park. We did 3,915 steps - or more. Much fast flowing water and many mini waterfalls, some with unusual colour. Some pretty seashells were found by the walkers that went down to the beach. The damp weather has produced many mushrooms to be photographed. Coffee was at the Ridge CafĂ©. Next Monday the 16th we will be in the Briarwood area. Leaving the Legion at 10 am.     VM

Strange layers of colour

Mini creek/waterfall

Hanging on by the roots

Odd coloured creek

Heading down to the beach

Fungus found on the way

Fungus 2

Fungus 3

Back up the hill for coffee time

Nice little trail that led to more fungus


Anna's Hummingbird 


The Robin at the Ridge

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