April 3, 2014

Photography group

Last Tuesday, April 1, 2014 the YSAGS Photography group made a field trip to the Cowichan River Estuary with the hope of seeing many birds. Well the tide was very low and instead of water we had mud flats and the birds were way out of range for us. But it was a gorgeous day to be out in the sun and photographers can always find things to shoot(with the camera).
To end our walk we had lunch at the Junction Cafe at the Whippletree Junction.
On April 15, we will compare photos, so bring your pictures to the session on a memory stick.
The old and the new.

Budding leaves in the sun.

This snake had been sunning itself  for a while and was very quick to hide.

A bird, I don't know the name.

Another bird - he was playing hide and seek with me.

Blossoms on an apple tree.

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