April 14, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Great walk today to Cable Bay.  Weather, company and lunch also very good.  Quite a few photos - had to pick and choose.  Hope they are okay, too.

Neither of my maps showed much detail. Used this Google Earth map as it shows the whole area. Our walk consisted only of the small blue trace from the Yellow Pin, where we parked (Trail Start) to the Green Pin where the trail ended at Dodds Narrows, looking over to the north end of Mudge Island. Duke Point Ferry Terminal is shown by the Green Pin in the top right corner, and the Crow and Gate Pub you see on the left.  The Red Pins I left in from a previous trip to Morden Colliery and Hemer Park. All of the little Blue Boxes are from other peoples comments and photos which people have posted on the Google Earth maps 
Near the beginning of the trail. There are two or three of these large old trees with "see throughs".

This guy stopped by to have a look at us. I think he is a "Barred Owl".

From a slightly different angle.

The good ship, "Orient Transit", waiting to go in somewhere to load. The BC Ferry sailed out of the Duke
Point Terminal  as we watched.  One of the new ones - couldn't determine which.

A lone Star Lily(?) - although there were others in the area.  I chose this one as
there was room to lay down underneath it to get the shot below.

It helps to be skinny sometimes.

Looking north from along the Cable Bay Trail.

A lot of Nature along the trail.

Lots of  seals (or Sea Lions -they were a pretty good size) in and near Dodds Narrows.  Must have been good fishing.

A sail boat exits the north end of the Narrows.

One of just a few Trilliums we spotted.

Another "peek-a-boo" tree - they make good photo frames.

Oops!!  What's that lookin' through the other side??

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