April 28, 2014

Men's Walking Group

My take on another great outing. Lots of good company and perfect walking weather. Hope these pics do it justice.  -  DeNNis.
Parked the cars at Maple Grove Park across from the Lawn Tennis Courts and meandered down the Cow Bay Estuary as far as we could go.  Then headed back and walked up to the Sawmill where we inquired about tours and learned that they had to be pre-arranged.  Not much in the line of wildlife - until we looked up where we were standing - in front of the office.  Lo and behold - there was an Osprey nest. (The RED asterisk at the end of the green trace.)

The white coils on the lines are "Heron helpers".  They help the large birds to better
see the wires and avoid hitting them.

Older style "Heron helpers".
You guessed it - Red Winged Blackbird.

Light and dark.
"Estuary-scape" - quite attractive in its own way.
Easy to tell who was at the back of the line.

"HEAVY METAL" - literally! Old railroad rails -

- Used to stack the lumber piles on.

The Osprey -

- made several circles and false stops before he/she decided it was safe to land in the nest.

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