February 15, 2014

Photography Group

Hello Photographers,
For our February 18, 2014 meeting we will again focus on all the new cameras within the group. Bring your cameras old or new and any manuals that you have. We downloaded Manuals to your specific camera models so go over all the many functions your new digital camera has to offer.

Since we have a number of new members, I think it would be helpful to go over basic photography principals. Lets start by checking out some of the very excellent tutorials available online. One great site for tutorials is Cambridge in Colour. Here is the link to their tutorial called: Concepts and Terminology http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/camera-exposure.htm Here you can see the three settings on your camera that you need to understand to be in control and be the master of the camera.

Look at your camera and see where you can change these settings. Try taking pictures after making setting changes. Don't worry, it is not like the old film days. It doesn't cost money to press that button and you can delete as you practice.
Have fun!

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