February 9, 2014

Computer group

Here is information about the Computer groups Feb. 11 meeting.
First though a picture:
In case this is confusing, this is a Seagull getting away from the crowd after snagging a big clam on the beach. You can
see that he put on the speed to get away!

Hello Computer group,
On our Feb. 11, 2014 meeting we will focus on all the great things our local library has to offer if you sign on to their online services.
Our local libraries are a real bargain! The services are all paid through our taxes which means that all the features are free to a resident on Vancouver Island. All you need to do is register. Besides all the traditional library services, you can now go online to borrow ebooks, emagazines, emusic and more.
How do you use the library?
Did you know that we can now also register to use the services of any public BC library? We will find out how to obtain a "BC One Card". This allows a BC resident to use library services all across BC.
We started looking at movie making and video production last computer meeting. I admit this is new territory for me. Here is where someone in the group can step forward and share their knowledge about videos. Let's work out a plan as to how we want to get into this new to us area.


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