February 3, 2014

Men's Walking Group

My offerings from today's walk through what I call Fern Hollow.  A cool, crisp morning made for a brisk jaunt through the woods.   -  DeNNis.

Confusing map - Follow the red arrowheads from the Legion down along the bluish dotted line and then the yellow line back to the Legion.  The RED Flag "To FERN Hollow" shows where we got on the path at the end of Wooden Rd to take us down through the Hollow.  The bottom left hand end of the blue line (bottom left corner) is where the horse is located.   

A little bribery can make new friends.

Anyone for Mountain Biking???

A little sunlight poking through the trees - not great for photo ops.

A touch of snow or frost on cobwebs makes nature-art.

A bit of an obstacle course doesn't stop us.

But two or three slows us down a bit.  Some what tougher going than the last time we were through here.

Fungi still thrives.

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