January 24, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Nine walked locally on a brisk sunny morning. It was an interesting walk watching a faller take a
large cedar tree down. It was 85 to 100 years old, 120 feet in height. and 4 feet at the base. The faller
is 15 feet from the top when he stops cutting branches and tops it. The tree then comes down in sections and 5 hours later it is all on the ground. He carries rigging lines, a lanyard for extra safety,
and the chainsaw. At times, also water and a lunch. The views are great. Duncan, Mt. Prevost, and
Mt. Baker can be seen. These men do earn their pay. On to the Chippery for our coffee and a treat.
Next week Monday 27th. we will walk through Dean Park. Meeting at the Legion at 10 am.   V. M.

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