January 6, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Ten walkers showed up today for a nice jaunt in the crisp, cool (about -1 or -2 degrees) air.  My GPS battery shut down enroute - however when it recovered enough for a reading it showed 6.76 Km - and we probably walked another couple of  kilometers after that point.  Thanks John and John for driving.  Stopped and warmed up with coffee afterwards at the little coffee shop/bakery at Shawnigan Village. 

We parked in the vehicle parking area along Mill Bay Rd and walked down past the Ferry Terminal to where the new Malahat Cultural Center is being constructed.  You can see from the picture of our previous visit that there has been quite a bit of progress since.  The solid wood beams make a good impression.

The dotted blue line shows our route from the parking area down Mill Bay Rd, past the Ferry Terminal, around through Malahat Reserve where the Cultural Center is located and back up Mill Bay Rd.
This is a photo from our last visit - Dec. 2nd - 2013.

A beautiful brisk day for a walk along the water.

Notice the peeled logs used for uprights and the solid wood beams. The "mobiles" (a little hard to make out in this photo)  are at the far end of the structure and will probably be unrecognizable when the center is complete. 

A different view.  The "mobiles" are under the covering.

This is the plaque on the water fountain/trough in the photo below.

This water fountain/trough can be seen on Mill Bay Rd a little before you arrive at the Ferry Terminal.

A panoramic view from Mill Bay Road.


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