January 13, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Here is my input from todays walk starting at Manley Park, through to Aros and Telegraph Roads, across the end of the field at Hatch Point Road and back.  Great company and, as usual, we lucked out on the weather. - DeNNis.

The red trace is our route starting at Manley Pk Entrance, down to the Beach and looping around Aros and Telegraph roads.

Same trace (blue) as above map. The Chevron Tank Farm is on the right.

Quite a bit of water in the creek after the heavy rains.
Down the "Up Staircase" to the beach - then we had to climb up again!!!

Fuel barge unloading dock on the right.

Looking across to Salt Spring Island.

Natures art - empty "Golden" crab shell.

Some of the "Old Boys" take a rest at the half-way point.

Looking down on the Chevron Tank Farm.

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